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Big Inches

customized Personal Harley-Davidson Shovelhead

Udo's Personal Bike

Udo is part of the screwing crew of the Thunderbike team. Of course he is familiar with all models of any years of construction, but especially it has done him the old iron. His own Shovel he has been driving for over eighteen years, in almost unchanged condition on the asphalt and an end to this relationship is far from in sight!


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Once again, Udo gave his “old iron” a retread and did a little facelift. The new look is not only well received by us, but also the Easyriders magazine became aware of the Big Inches Shovel and gave her and Udo a story in the current Easyriders issue 1/2018.

Udo gehört zur schraubenden Crew des Thunderbike-Teams. Natürlich kennt er sich mit allen Modellen jeglicher Baujahre aus, aber besonders haben es ihm die alten Eisen angetan.

Pre-Shovel Style

Udo has retreaded his Shovel. The result is a bike in the style of the typical Dragracer. What the Thunderbike mechanic did in his home garage – see for yourself!

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