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Jens Weiand has been on the Thunderbiker team since 2016. His area of expertise is complimenting Thunderbike Customparts. All production processes in pre-assembly with the current focus on suspensions, rims, handlebars and solo seat kits. 

Jens was infected with the Harley virus not least by good old motorcycle movies like Easy Rider or the Wild One with Marlon Brando. 

Garage screwing and permanent rides shaped his career.

At the age of 21 in 2012 he bought a brand new Sportster 48. Not many days passed and the stock bike quickly transformed into a real custom bobber in the family garage. Jens had his exact vision and the 48 became his everyday means of transport for many years. 

But his trips became longer and longer and so the day came when priorities shifted.

There came the day when he took a Street Glide for a test ride. Jens got the pleasure of a mad comfortable bike with a practical stowage space. But it should definitely be an Evo engine and the choice was a 96er Electra Glide.

A combination of the comfortable Tourer and Oldschool bike was given.

Fotos Ben Ott

Jens Forty Eight

True to the motto: A biker’s work is never done, Jens Forty-Eight transformed himself from a serial Harley to a cool custom bike in the last years.

His garage has also developed into an absolute screwdriver’s workshop. Here are a few driving shots from the year 2012: Jens and his 48 comfortably cruising over the asphalt.

Phantom King

Captain Cruise

Wheel Power

Jens Personal

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