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Roman has been on the Thunderbike team since 2016. His main area of responsibility is dealer support and the sale of custom parts. 

However, he has been a motorcycle enthusiast since his childhood. His home were motorcross tracks, on which he already let off steam as a 5 year old. At the age of 15 he got his first moped and this one didn’t even stay standard for one day. Roman started his training as a coachbuilder at the age of 16 and the moped had to make way for the 125cc CBR. The tuning was not long in coming and drilling a hole to the 144 ccm was a befitting, though not quite legal, act. But the subject should be long statute of limitations by now

For his 18th a Honda CBR 600F had to be used and Roman had to race the first 1/4 mile race in Aldenhofen. Roman was completely infected by motorsport and customizing.


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The next performance improvement was: Suzuki GSXR 1100 and circuit training. Fortunately, the race fever unfolded further without major injuries.  

The Susi-GSXR, however, gradually transformed into a Street Fighter and an apprenticeship as a wholesale & foreign trade merchant was still pending. After the radical fighter era the first Harley style bobber followed in 2014. A Kawasaki VN 1500 was customized by Roman. But as cool as the bike stood there, it was just not a Harley.

Sitting right at the source, the first real Harley-Davidson with the model name Rocker followed in 2017. A lot of custom work was needed and so the bike was rebuilt until 2018. Together with the Thunderbike Team we went to the first Ride Out in the Netherlands in April, destination was the Harley Museum in Raalte. Shortly afterwards a tour to London followed to visit family members. In September the Austria trip to the European Bike Week was still on the list and in mid 2019 the trip to the Bike Week Willingen was probably the most spectacular trip.


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