Pro Performance ST

customized Harley-Davidson Softail Low Rider ST

We act quickly

Performance is the order of the day again. The diggers are now also trusted to do this and the club stylers always have been.

Last season was a hot one. The bagger races had also arrived in Germany and made the rounds on three racetracks. A new trend also emerged: club style! The transitions between the bagger style and the club style are fluid, and we’ll explain the differences in a moment. They both have one thing in common: performance.

Club style is said to have been invented by rockers. That’s why it’s called club style. Instead of long forked choppers, the clubs needed fast bikes in order to ride off the increasing number of chapters and, above all, to get away from the cops chasing them. That’s why a club-style bike is not only fast, but can also corner.

Recently, the baggers have been able to do both since they have also been driven through races. Clubstylers have always been able to do this, and one of their characteristics is performance.


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Let’s get down to business. Our “Pro Performance ST” club styler presented at the Custombike Show is inspired by the Bagger Races. If color could make you fast, it would probably be this one. Our thanks once again go to Ingo Kruse from Kruse-Design, our in-house painter, who has implemented the racing theme so aptly.

However, the Pro Performance ST is all the more a real club styler. A racing bagger would still have crash bars, i.e. trimmed crash bars. That’s only for the racetrack. An old-school bagger would also have a huge front wheel and an apehanger. Our Pro Performance ST doesn’t have that.

We make do with a 21-inch “New Digger” front wheel, still bigger than the 19-inch original, and of course from our own factory.


Instead of an apehanger, we have a brand new Clubstyle handlebar, which is also called Club. The “Club” is butted, making it narrower at the grips and therefore lighter. The production with simultaneous cranking is quite complicated, but we can do it. It has only a slight offset and sits on nine-inch risers, which are hollow so that cables can be routed through them – and to save weight. All this makes our bike more maneuverable.

The sporty way: our new handlebars are tapered, slightly offset and mounted on nine-inch risers


And just before the bend, you can go for it. We have given the fork larger feet so that it can accommodate the huge 340 millimeter diameter brake discs and the brake callipers can grip them better. This is performance that we are proud of. That’s why we want you to see it clearly.

340 millimeter brake discs require a new arrangement of the brake calipers

The design of this Low Rider ST is all about performance

The performance fork legs are milled from solid material




Hidden under the panniers is our new “Pro Performance” swingarm, milled from solid material and lighter than the original. This swingarm also has a newly arranged brake calliper mount. Even with panniers, you can see them clearly because they are mounted underneath the swingarm. We have nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to performance. And after one look at it at the latest, the connoisseur knows that this Clubstyler has a Thunderbike swingarm.

The brand new swingarm comes from us. The brake calliper mount is dominant, and that is intentional

Another highlight for connoisseurs who also take a look behind the scenes!

The “Pro Performance” triple clamp should not be hidden away either. It also comes from us, is also milled from solid material and therefore lighter, but okay, it doesn’t catch the eye under the huge fairing. At least you have something to talk about, because to make the talk among your buddies exciting, you always have to reveal something that doesn’t immediately catch the eye. However, the buddies will probably figure out for themselves that something has been done to the fork. At the latest when they see the DLC-coated sliding tubes close to the fork legs. “DLC” stands for “Diamond like Carbon” and is currently the highest quality coating to achieve perfect gliding and response behavior.


  • Thunderbike New Digger Wheel
  • Thunderbike License Plate Frame Inside Plate
  • Thunderbike Down & Inside Bracket Original Fender
  • Thunderbike Turn Signals Stripe LED 3in1
  • Thunderbike Rider Footpeg Set SP-S black
  • Metzeler ME888 Rear Tire 200/50R18M/C REINFTL 82H
  • Kellermann Bullet 1000 Turn Signal (1)
  • Thunderbike Brake Caliper Adapter Set 300->340mm black
  • Thunderbike Pulley Spoke
  • Thunderbike Timer Cover TB-S contrast cut
  • Thunderbike Riser Kit Clubstyle 9'' Pullback black
  • Thunderbike Grips SP-S satin black cut
  • Thunderbike Shock Adjusting Knob satin black
  • Thunderbike Tank Mount black
  • Thunderbike Rear Axle Cover Set
  • Thunderbike Front Axle Cover-Set black matte
  • Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde Exhaust System
  • Thunderbike Fork modification Radial Calipers Pro Performance incl. 30mm lowering black
  • Thunderbike Swingarm Pro Performance black
  • Thunderbike Brake caliper adapter Pro Performance Radial rear black
  • Thunderbike Handlebar Club Alu 78cm black
  • Thunderbike Upper Triple Tree Pro Performance black

Do we need to talk about other club-style features, such as the deep-moulded step-up saddle for better grip and the two-in-one silencer from Jekill and Hyde? Yes, we have to, because a two-in-one system is the most typical feature of a modern club styler. One silencer weighs less than two, and Harley-Davidson has probably not yet understood that with the two pipes on the same side of the standard low-rider ST base.

But that’s what we’re here for, us customizers. We do things better. We deliver what customers want in the coming and hopefully no less hot season: Performance!





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