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Bikes & Boards 2018

European Bike Week 2018

Faak am See (Austria)

Thunderbike meets Faaker See

Holiday in Harleywood!

After a year of creative break, we were back this year. With a total of 11 Thunderbikers and 13 bikes, we made our way on Saturday to experience the full week. Of course we were not only here because of the unique Bike Week here, we also wanted to explore the landscape around Lake Faak. Water rafting, climbing and hiking tours were planned. Of course, this year we also had new firecraps in store: the Silverstone, a new Harley-Davidson Breakout custombike, the El Toxico, the little brother of our La Candela Chicano-Style bike, and the Cross Bob, now the eighth project bike for Custom Chrome Europe.

In this gallery we have put together for you a small summary of our experiences in Faak.

Of course, these bikes were not just presented on the streets. In the Custom Chrome Europe bike show, our Glamor took first place in the chopper class and our GP conversion Silverstone won second place in the H-D Modified Class. All informations about the event around the European Bike Week can be found here.

In this gallery we have put together for you a small summary of our experiences in Faak.


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Thunderbike on the Road

Day 1

Unfortunately, the weather god was not on our side on the first day of our Faak Tour. So what do you do when the sky locks open and there is no chance to take the bikes on a tour? Correct. Shopping. The crew took advantage of the bad weather opportunity to drive into a nearby shopping mall and prepare for the upcoming hiking and rafting tour. Of course, as with motorcycling, protective gear is the name of the game, so the crew got proper footwear for off-the-bike tours.

The bad weather is of course no reason for bad mood: In the evening they met in Arneitz in the Burn Out Bar and rocked to decent music.

Tag 2

The premiere! On the second day of our stay, the Cross Bob, now the eighth Project Bike, was handed over to the Custom Chrome Europe stand. All information about the bike you can see here.

Finally it was ready after the delivery. The gas hands have already itched properly! The weather cleared up for our benefit. Reason enough to drive the first round around Lake Faaker See and enjoy the view neatly. The next stop was Harley-Davidson Klagenfurt, where the tour ended with coffee and apple strudel.

Day 3

Today it was Rafting Day! The crew today took a trip to water rafting in Slovenia. Of course, the Thunderbiker took the opportunity to do an extended tour of Austria and Slovenia.

Day 4

The early bird catches the worm!
After the morning hike and refreshment at Baumgartnerhof, Team Thunderbike set off. Fortunately, the brother of Udo had joined the team the night before. With this enrichment we not only had another cool Chicano chopper in the Custombike group, we also got a great tour guide!

Today it should go towards Turracher height. The goal ? The Alps roller coaster, which lies at 2000 m! Unfortunately, the weather did not play along – so we turned around in time, drove towards the sun and still had a cool tour, with many curves and few traffic lights.

A break with coffee and cake for real bikers, including a lesson on coffee in Austria – how do I order coffee properly? You laugh – probably not so easy!

On the way home again to drive around the lake, was the plan. Would not that be a nice conclusion … Luckily we did not do this! Just arrived at the hut, it poured from buckets. With beer and something to nibble we were able to enjoy 10 crazy people the early evening but also in the rain and let the day end.

Day 5

Custom Chrome Europe & Thunderbike on tour!
Today, film and photo shoots with Custom Chrome Europe were on the schedule.

Thus, it was for the team: 8 o’clock Bikes wash & polish, have breakfast and drive down to the CCE stand. Just in time for the departure with the group, the cloud cover happily opened up – so our photographers Horst Rösler & Glatzzo Photography were happy too. After the two had everything in the box, but played the star of the round crazy. Off-on-Off! The custom Chrome Bike “Cross Bob” did not work anymore. After a few minutes it turned out that the bike was in the rain the previous evening and thus the electrical system of the faucets got wet. But of course the Thunderbike team could not get it! After they have brought the bike to dry, the ride continued merrily. After the exit and a stay at the Harley Village, the CCE bike was repaired in the evening between bales of straw, home-made schnapps and shovels.

Day 6

CCE Bike Show – We were there!

Of course, when Custom Chrome Europe calls for a bike show, we’re in on it. Our latest GP conversion, Silverstone, entered the H-D Modified Class and won second place. In the chopper class the Glamor won the first place!

Impressions by Glatzzo Photography

For the first time, Michael Rauscher aka Glatzzo Photography accompanied us on our tour and captured some moments of our tour. We find, great job! You can follow Glatzzo’s work on Facebook or Instagram.

Impressions by Horst Rösler

Of course, our Faak Tour photographer Horst Rösler must not be missed. This year, he specifically shot the eighth Project Bike from us for Custom Chrome Europe. You can get more information about the CCE Bike “Cross Bob” here.

Earlier Trips to Faak


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