Flying Shovel


customized Thunderbike Harley-Davidson Shovelhead

Say goodbye to the mainstream on two wheels!

Of course, tastes are different and that’s exactly what makes a bike. With passion and smeared fingers, the dusty piece is reanimated and brought to life by some glamorous touch. Glamorous enough to be shot in a motorcycle magazine a good 50 years after the birth of the Shovelhead engine. The new Custombike magazine with a glamorous story is now available at the kiosk, the complete photo shoot below.

There are many ways to make your dream bike come true, one way to the Harley Store is enough to buy it as it is. Some others invest in individual custom parts to change the production model again. In our rebuild we start in the heart of the Shovel engine! 1966 was the year of birth of the Shovelhead engine, a revised only in the area of ​​the cylinder head and valve train Panhead engine. The name went back to the shape of the cylinder head cover:

This time it reminded imaginative spectators of the underside of a typical American coal shovel. During the construction period of this engine, a distinction is made essentially between the so-called “Early Shovel” (early Shovel) with displacement of 1,200 cm (recognizable by the kidney-shaped right engine case, the timer sitting on the camshaft housing and the generator sitting in front of the crankcase) and from 1969 / ’70 delivered “Late Shovel” (Later Shovel, generator behind the prime mover) with 1,207 cc displacement.

Ride Out Faak am See (Austria)

The Making Of

For such a special conversion, the synapses of the entire team are running at full speed! In order to be able to change a bike in this style, you need specialist knowledge and technical skill. In the parts list you can take a look at the built-in parts of this bike!

  • Model Harley-Davidson FXE 1977
  • Engine Shovel
  • Customization Year 2015/2016
  • Construction Time 3 Months
  • Ignition Harley-Davidson
  • Carburetor S&S Super E
  • Muffler Thunderbike Special
  • Handlebar Thunderbike Special
  • Grips Thunderbike Special
  • Footpegs Thunderbike Special
  • Fuel Tank Thunderbike Special
  • Oiltank CCE (modified)
  • Rear Fender Thunderbike Special
  • Struts Thunderbike Special
  • Electric Thunderbike Special
  • Seat Warmsbach
  • Kicker Pedal Thunderbike
  • Taillight Thunderbike
  • Headlamp Thunderbike 30th Pan
  • Front End Thunderbike 30th Pan
  • Swingarm Thunderbike
  • Front Rim TTS 2.5×21
  • Front Wheel Firestone 3×21
  • Front Brake Honda
  • Rear Rim TTS 3.5×19
  • Rear Wheel Firestone 4×19
  • Rear Brake Harley-Davidson Drum Brake
  • Painting by Chikos Pinstriping

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