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The Harley-Davidson Year 2022

Presentation of the new models

New year – new models!


The year is only a few days old and already we unpack the Harley-Davidson news! We are happy about a whole series of Carry Over models, about new colors and about many new details. Examples please?

The Street Bob with the fat 114 Milwaukee-Eight engine is now also available with shiny cast wheels and to the chic black also in 2 new colors: delicious bright red and heavenly blue. The Heritage even comes in a whopping 14 variations! And with the Pan America there are new colors and technical improvements to the TFT display and the hill start assist.


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Then register in time for the virtual launch “Faster. Further!” virtual launch on January 26, 2022 at 5 p.m.! You can be there live when our cult brand presents the latest from Milwaukee!

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Street Bob 114

A gritty, minimalist bobber powered by the Milwaukee Eight-114 engine. The Street Bob forms the ideal basis for individual conversions.

New in 2022: Instead of the spoked wheels, there are now cast alloy wheels in gloss black finish.

All information about this model can be found in the Street Bob gallery.

Examples of conversions can be found in the Street Bob Custombike Gallery


Fat Boy 114

The original fat custom legend is and always will be a doozy!

For the 2022 model year, the Lakester cast alloy wheels have been redesigned with eleven turbine-style spokes and an open center. The Fat Boy’s classic tank lettering has been revised and now features a single trailing “wing.” The centered star has been retained.

All information about this model can be found in the Fat Boy gallery.

Examples of conversions based on the Fat Boy can be found in the Fat Boy Custombike Gallery.



Fat Bob 114

This bike was created for the cruisers among us with a sense of power & performance.

For 2022, there is a new oval tank graphic. The lettering “H-D” is emblazoned on the lower edge.


All information about this model can be found in the Fat Bob gallery.

An example for a conversion is our Mr. Pepper




Heritage 114

Never before has the Heritage come in so many variations! Chrome finish, Black finish, Wrincle-Black, Gloss-Black,…

It has an imposing front end, running boards, a comfortable seat and vinyl-covered cases.

As of the 2022 model year, it is only available with the Milwaukee-Eight 114. For that, you can get this Softail in a total of 9 colors and various finishes!

And if that’s not enough, you can check out the Heritage Custombike Gallery to see if you like any of our conversions here.

All info about this model can be found in the Heritage Gallery


Pan America 1250 / Pan America 1250 Special

Rugged, powerful and sophisticated, these multitools are designed to quickly gain rider confidence and ignite the spirit of adventure on and off the road.

In 2022, there are more improvements: For example, the information on the TFT display is even easier to read and the hill start assist is now active for longer – three to five minutes, instead of the previous ten seconds. There is also a new color option for the Pan America 1250 Special model: Fastback Blue/White Sand.

Here you can find all information about the Pan America 1250 and the Pan America 1250 Special.


Sportster S

The performance cruiser that combines power with modern technology and untamed style. The Sportster S is powered by the 122 hp Revolution Max 1250T engine, which provides a rich torque. The tight, lightweight chassis provides agile, intuitive handling with a first-class suspension.

In 2022, the Sportster S will be offered in Vivid Black and two new colors: White Sand Pearl and Mineral Green Metallic.

All information about this model can be found in the Sportster S Gallery.

We have summarized our first experiences with this model in the Thunderbike Sportster S Special.


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