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New Generation Sportster

We ride the brandnew model!

A new generation High Performance Sportster

The sport comes back to the Sportster – Speed Art at its best!


That this is not an empty slogan, we could convince ourselves! Media people and dealerships from all over Europe travel to the Zeche Zollverein in Essen to test the new generation Sportster. Kim from Thunderbike and Max from H-D Düsseldorf were the first ones there and served as models.

A week later, our sales consultants Julian (Thunderbike) and Björn (H-D Düsseldorf) then had the opportunity to extensively test the new model.

All four have been riding motorcycles for many years and work with Harley-Davidson on a daily basis. And what do they think? What do the professionals have to say about Harley’s latest development?



Sales consultants Julian and Björn report on their day on the Sportster S and explain the technical features of this new model. .

Because the front brake was often mentioned as a point of criticism, the two have tested it in particular – and found it good. After all, we are talking about a 4-piston Brembo brake! The 160 front tire also does a very decent job. Dunlop has given it a tapered tread that makes for good cornering.

Check out, what they think about it and see our video!

Testride wanted? We’ll keep you posted here, on Facebook and with the newsletter when the bike is available from us.

Test rides are expected to be available from the end of September at our Hamminkeln and Düsseldorf locations. We will keep you up to date here, on Facebook and with the newsletter.


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Plenty of bang!

Kim and Max are thrilled with the engine’s performance. “We really flew over the road there!” Both cornering and highway driving are described by the pair as outstanding. “It shifts crisply, the braking system is impressive, and the engine can really be revved way out,” Max describes his first driving impression. “I did a full stop a few times, I couldn’t believe how awesome it works,” adds Kim.

What the two also enjoy is the mirrorless color TFT, which can be linked to the helmet and cell phone via Bluetooth.

“That’s the future,” the two are sure.

All informations about the new Sportster S

Raw power in a crouched bulldog stance, inspired by the legendary XR 750 with the latest technology and a high quality finish – the appearance is successful! The Sportster S presented today is close to the prototype – designed through to the last detail, with a clear focus on performance.

The new model bears a great name. No other motorcycle has such a long tradition as the Sportster, namely 64 years. In the U.S. it was allowed to be built longer than in Europe because of the Euro 5 standard. Its name is as well known as Porsche’s 911 and the Ford Mustang, and its reputation is just as associated with freedom and adventure as these cars of strong character.

Bill Davidson and Harley-Davidson CEO Jochen Zeitz took the new Sportster S for its first spin through the Scottish Highlands. They visited the small cottage where Bill’s ancestors lived before emigrating to the USA. Here began a long history full of traditions and technical innovations, the latest offspring of which is this motorcycle.

Let’s take a look at the details: The short tail and parallel, high-mounted exhaust is inspired by the XR 750, the legendary flat tracker. Underneath, a shapely swingarm and an extended nose spoiler catch the eye.

The technology also scores with state-of-the-art features. Five riding modes, which can be configured on the 4″ color TFT display, provide the right conditions for a smooth and sporty ride.

Braking is with the support of an ABS and a single, slim disc with 4 pistons operates at the front. The suspension with wheels on 16 h. and 17 inches v. can be adapted to any rider and any situation thanks to the adjustable suspension and at the front works an upside-down fork.

LED all around brings safety in difficult lighting conditions and an unusual headlight shape announces the rider of a Sportster S. Future models of this series will get the same headlight.

The new Sportster S combines tradition and technology


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There are four unique selling points compared to the competitors from Germany (BMW R nineT), Italy (Diavel), and USA (Indian FTR, Indian Scout) and England (Triumph Bobber). They all want to appeal to a similar target group, only at Harley-Davidson you get

  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • 4″ Color TFT
  • Cornering ABS
  • Cornering traction control


If you want something fresh and new, if you’re tech-freaky and like to stand out from the crowd, the Sportster S should be a good catch.


All about the engine

The liquid-cooled V2 is fully tuned for power from the basement. The torque curve remains flat across the entire rev range – a beefy power delivery for dynamic acceleration from a standstill and rich pull through the mid-range. The power delivery allows for powerful acceleration and rich pull-through. At the same time, Harley again relies on the engine as a load-bearing chassis component to save weight. In addition, lightweight materials contribute to the good power-to-weight ratio. Ready to ride, the Sportster S weighs just 228 kilograms. The high-mounted 2-in-1-in-2 exhaust system ensures a pleasantly sonorous sound.

Displacement: 1,252 cc
Bore x stroke: 105.0 mm x 72.3 mm
Output: 90 kW (122 hp)/7,500 rpm
Max. Torque: 125 Nm/6,000 rpm
Rotational speed: 9,500 rpm
Compression ratio: 12.0:1

Powertrain Operation in Wisconsin


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The engine in the Sportster S (RevMax 1250 T) differs from the one in the Pan America (RevMax 1250) in that it has smaller valves, narrower passages and a modified combustion chamber, which provides for increased flow velocity and thus rapid gas exchange and optimum filling of the cylinder. This is particularly noticeable in terms of torque, which is increased in the lower and medium engine speed range between 3,000 and 6,000 rpm.

Optimized cam profiles and timing of the variable valve timing also make a decisive contribution to the targeted performance characteristics.

These internal changes are complemented by two external ones: Intake funnels retuned in length and shape and the optimized volume of the airbox ensure the best possible performance over the entire usable engine speed range. Also the exhaust.

Of course, all this also necessitates different mapping, at the end of which performance data of 122 hp (90 kW) and 125 Nm are achieved.

Some more Pics & Details

You can find all specifications and a lot of pictures in our new vehicle gallery. From end of the year, the original Harley-Davidson Sportster S 1250 accessories such as passenger pad, mid-controls, grips, etc. should also be available in our Onlineshop.

And now the most important thing:

At the latest at the end of September this must-have on 2 wheels will be with us in Hamminkeln!


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