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13 o’clock in Hamminkeln, about 20 Thunderbikers meet for a common ride with their bikes at the headquarters. The weather is not really inviting and still we all start motivated and with the tip box under our arms. The destination is our friend Käthe, where we want to make a party with our collected money from the tip box.

Actually we all stayed dry and the track was super nice: 100 kilometers of winding asphalt and around us only field, forest and meadow!

Everything went according to plan, except that we lost two colleagues temporary found them later again) and drove unknowingly through a fully closed road.

And yes, admittedly, the two older bikes of Andreas and Gernold did not always start immediately after the short breaks, but with the assembled experts even the most stubborn donkey gives way at some point.

A special highlight on the road was undoubtedly the Captain’s latest achievement – his Shovel “Top Shop”. No, the bike is not new in the fleet, but the fork is! It’s the same horny Springer fork that does its job on the 35th Anniversary Bike. So don’t be misled, this bike is not the 35th Anniversary Bike. Andreas’ Shovel just got the same fork and played the guinea pig. Conclusion: terrific!

After we arrived at Käthe and her family and were warmly welcomed, we got cool drinks, chops & Co.

Does anyone of you know pine-schnapps? Spiritus, vodka and yes: pine syrup! The evening went on… Of course we won’t tell you all the details, but one thing we can tell you: With the crazy guys from Thunderbike it won’t be boring”.


The night ended properly with live music and candles. Thanks Lucas, you are the hammer! Here again a big thank you to Käthe, Michael and everyone who prepared so much for this evening!

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