Grand Prix

customized Thunderbike Special

The successor of the Outerlimit

After the success of the racer Outerlimit Thunderbike Harley-Davidson does not want to take a break. The team has been working for weeks on the successor of the Outerlimit.

With a lot of updates, the GP not only stood out in color in their racing red, but also glanced with a completely new wheel design. The new Thunderbike GP Wheels from the Racing Series in 4.00 x 23 inches at the front and 9.00 x 21 inches at the rear ensure an extremely sporty appearance.

Nevertheless, it was important to us that despite the large wheels, the bike should be easy to operate and easy to drive. As a basis, our TBR frame with 1780 mm wheelbase, 132 mm caster, a moderate steering head angle of 36 ° was used – because only with such data it’s possible to build a custom bike like this. The bike was drawn in advance on the computer in 3D in order to visualize the proportions and in advance to fine-tune details and updates perfectly. The finished bike on the computer screen corresponds after taking over the dimensions later 1: 1 the original.

The new bike, which is called “GP” (Grand Prix) in short, was just like the RESURRECTION Bike (successor to the Unbreakable) presented for the first time on the Custombike show in Bad Salzuflen and then on our Grand Nicholas Open House 2016.


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Now our sheet metal designer was in demand. It was a matter of manual labor such as cutting, bending, welding and ironing on the agenda. Gradually, the steel chassis came into being. At the same time, our CAD specialists redesigned a lot of milled parts, designed them on the computer, programmed them and then produced them on CNC machines: wheels, pulleys, stubs, fork bridges, dip tubes, motor covers, grips, pegs and many more were created in the computer-controlled milling machine.

Andreas and the Thunderbike production team were constantly involved and experienced the progress of the work up close. The paint dress was realized by Thunderbike’s house and yard Painter Ingo Kruse.

The Making Of

Look behind the scenes of the production and see the process of this customizing!


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