Rocket Shot

customized Thunderbike Harley-Davidson FXDR

The doubled Custombike Premiere

Thunderbike FXDR meets Metzeler CRUISETEC™

Rocket Shot means in the German language as much as “rocket launch”. Of course you can best present a rocket launch in such a connection at the Custombike Show exhibition. This weekend, from 30th to 2nd December, you will find this FXDR model at the stand of the tyre manufacturer Metzeler, which is presenting its latest product for cruisers, choppers, custom bikes and heavy touring motorcycles for the first time. For the first time this ThunderBIKE features the brand new rear light and turn signal combination for Harley-Davidson FXDR models. This combination will soon go into series production as an ECE approved bolt-on part and will be available in our online shop. Also our custom conversion Black Power was equipped with the special Metzeler CRUISETEC™ tires and can be seen at the booth of the tire manufacturer.

A new Performance Tire for Cruiser, Chopper and Custombikes

Metzeler responds with the new CRUISETEC™ to the demands of all those motorcyclists who are looking for an emotional, performance-oriented riding experience with their large-volume V2 bike or heavy touring motorbike without wanting to compromise on safety. The CRUISETEC™ was developed for that generation of cruising and touring bikes, which are equipped by the manufacturers with increased performance and ultra-modern electronic driving aids. With the new tyre, motorcycles in this vehicle category will be able to bring their potential in terms of agility and performance to the road in the best possible way. The CRUISETEC™ provides for an improved driving feeling, good feedback and safe road contact even in an inclined position.

Thanks to the trend-setting combination of a new tyre contour, a modern tread design and a bi-compound compound for the custom touring segment, the CRUISETEC™ offers experienced and young motorcyclists riding fun at the highest level – according to the credo: “Performance Perfected”. The most important advantages of the new CRUISETEC™ for the rider are:

  • Fun with “performance cruising” – in concrete terms this means: excellent grip and traction – both in corners and on straights – thanks to a bi-compound compound on the rear tyre.
  • Consistent performance – Compared to other V-Twin tyres, CRUISETEC™ offers a greater curvature of the tyre contour. This makes the tyre rounder and therefore more agile and handy when cornering. The adjusted tyre contour makes the tyre more uniform, offering consistent handling and high performance throughout its life.
  • Uniform and simple driving feel – best handling, precise line selection and direct feedback in all driving situations (also in wet conditions) and especially in tilted position.
  • High confidence and safety – the modern tread design combined with a high silica content provides excellent dry and wet grip, a shorter warm-up phase and effective interaction with electronic assistance systems (e.g. ABS, traction systems).

Metzeler Cruisetec ™

The New Tyre in the Custom Touring Segment

The new Metzeler Cruisetec ™ completes the Metzeler Touring Range with a performance-oriented tyre. The tyre offers excellent grip and traction on the rear through a bi-compound mixture, both in corners and straight lines. The sporty designed tyre contour provides excellent handling and very good performance throughout the life of the tyre. The modern tread pattern combined with high silica content offers excellent grip, efficient water drainage even at lean angles and a shorter warm-up phase. The reinforced carcass construction provides improved riding feel, good feedback and safe ground contact even at lean angles.

Profile design & Ingredients

The modern tread pattern offers all kinds of advantages on the road:


  • Increased braking effect
  • Higher grip in inclined position
  • More effective interaction with electronic assistance systems
  • Direct steering response
  • Shorter warm-up phase
  • High mechanical grip in wet conditions
  • High comfort
  • Increased driving stability
  • Uniform abrasive


  • Sport-Touring driving characteristics
  • High grip
  • Wide contact surface on rear tyre
  • High stability, traction and uniform wear

Tyre Contour

The contour of the Cruisetec ™ was designed specifically for sporty driving.

Compared to other V-Twin tyres, Cruisetec offers a greater curvature of the tyre contour. This makes the tyre rounder and therefore more agile and handy when cornering. The adjusted tyre contour makes the tyre more uniform, providing consistent handling and performance throughout the tyre’s life.


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