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Thunderbike on tour on Mallorca

Mallorcas Almond blossom

We combine the pleasant with the useful. When the Harley dealers call us to Mallorca for a conference, we take a week of almond blossom with us.

It’s a bit like an Italian western: empty streets, boarded-up windows, and we get on our saddles. But we don’t play the song of death, we come to life, fire up our engines and set off on the first ride out of the season on the roads of Mallorca.

It’s still February, the time of the almond blossom on Mallorca. The SKS professionals for Harley shuttles then call for the first ride out to the Robinson Club Cala Serena with a view of Cala d’Or on the south-east coast of the island. We let ourselves be whisked away, because it’s wonderfully convenient: the SKS truck loads up our Harleys two weeks in advance. All we have to do is fly, and when we arrive, so do the Harleys.


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Bikers can benefit

The times are strange, but bikers can benefit from them. A flight to Mallorca costs less than a trip across Germany. So it was probably a clever idea for the Harley Dealers Association to move its conference to the Balearic island. During the week of the almond blossom, of course. For us, that means one day’s work, namely on the day of the conference. The rest of the week is wellness for bikers, which means: riding a motorcycle, almond cake for a refueling stop and a cigar on the hotel veranda in the evening.

Like in an Italian western. The city is barricaded and we swing into the saddle

The Robinson Club in the evening

Our fleet: Glatzzomobil (Glatzzo), Road Digger (Beate), Sportster SPS-5 (Kim), Hot Flames (Andreas), Lowrider S (Thomas)

Shot out of the saddle: The last almond tree in bloom

Five bikers, five bikes

We are Andreas, the boss of Thunderbike, his wife Beate, his daughter Kim, our salesman Thomas and our photographer Glatzzo. This time we’ve done without our really tough custom bikes, as we’ll be throwing them into the fray later in the season.

Andreas rides the “Hot Flames“, a Low Rider S, which we have already presented to you. Chiko had given it characteristic stripes on our Rumble & Thunder. Beate rides a Street Bob Road Digger, on which we try out our new Atlas handlebars, because what we sell, we ride ourselves first. Kim rides our Sportster SPS-5, which you already know from our pages. Thomas rides a Low Rider S with paint parts that you may already know from our “Racing Performance”, but we’re still in the artistic creation process with this Low Rider, and we’ll be adding a few more refinements to it. And you already know the club-style Glatzzomobil.

On the streets of Mallorca

Glatzzo has a slight advantage because the fairing of his converted Low Rider ST protects him. We don’t have the 8 degrees of Hamminkeln, but the weather on Majorca only reaches 20 degrees at lunchtime. That’s why we save ourselves the beaches.

The days start relaxed in the late morning. We then wind our way along small roads over hills and through valleys in the interior of the island. But beware: the smaller the traffic circle, the less grip the road has. Even our ABS starts to stutter. A strange correlation, but with our Low Rider S and ST models we have to realize this. They already have an incredible amount of steam, these low riders. Maybe we should just turn it up a little less…

Kim on her Sportster can keep up, but so can Thomas and Beate. She’s delighted with the relaxed riding position thanks to the Atlas Mini Ape. Our mechanics have done something right.

Road stop of the Thunderbike crew: Thomas, Glatzzo, Andreas, Kim and Beate

Beate on her Street Bob “Road Digger”

We have to curb the power of our Harleys a little on some roads

Milwaukee-Eight between the legs

We refuel at a petrol pump. Andreas, our boss and road captain, reaches for the nozzle and we roll past him. That’s practical, and Andreas also has the bank card, which he pulls out afterwards. The fuel prices are okay, just like here in Germany.

The tea tastings in the pubs on the side of the road are wonderful, always accompanied by a slice of almond cake, of course. Every day we become more familiar with the locations, sometimes we drive the loops to the left, sometimes to the right. Uniformity can be so soothing when a Milwaukee-Eight is banging dutifully between your legs. Only on Wednesday, when there’s a conference, we have to split up, one for the conference, the others for photo shoots. You’ll see the results on these pages.

But every day ends with a sunset on the veranda. The hotel has a cigar dealer, which is nice if you’re a Harley dealer yourself. Thomas and Glatzzo taste their cigars. Kim tries one too.

Andreas refuels the bikes

Cigars at the Robinson Club. Thomas and Glatzzo will taste them

Kim also takes a puff

Something light, doesn’t set at all: Almond cake in Mallorca

We are moving forward

What remains? Relaxation! We saw Mallorca from the other side, without the Ballermann and without the hustle and bustle of the tourists. The Mallorcans, on the other hand, have seen us and especially our Harleys, around which they keep gathering.

What we hardly saw were almond trees in bloom. Spring didn’t just arrive early in Allemagna. The almond trees on Mallorca were also in bloom before we arrived.

Wait, we still find a blossoming almond tree in the middle of our journey. Our photographer Glatzzo manages to shoot it from the saddle. We don’t stop for that.

“We’re moving forward,” says Glatzzo afterwards. Wellness my ass. The idea that Harley riders are the slowest of all motorcyclists is a thing of the past. Glatzzo pulls his camera as fast as the villain of an Italian western pulls his revolver. And we ride as fast as the bad guys ride!

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