Dos Chicanos

LDA 86

El Magico

customized Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage 114

Low Rider Art


Show or Ride? With our concept you can have both: Extremely chic and easy to handle is this conversion of a Softail Heritage 114. The most important elements are big wheels, a special swingarm and a triple clamp with more rake, air rides on front and rear and of course an excellent paint job!

The Heritage is the perfect base for an extreme low rider, as seen on our other Chicanos, La Esmeralda or El Divino.

The installation of our big wheels in 21 and 23 inch (orig. 16 inch) is made possible by using a triple clamp with bigger rake and a swingarm with upsweep. Our Air Rides at the front and rear lower the whole bike extremely, but also make normal riding possible at the push of a button. Thanks to the 95 cm wide El Dorado handlebar with 35 cm pullback, the El Magico is always under control.

The running boards from the Harley Defiance Collection are not only practical and chic, they are part of the idea of visually stretching the bike. The extremely long exhaust pipes, which end in fish tails and make the typical Chicano sound, contribute to this.


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This unusual paint job comes from Chiko’s gun. The Chicano style is taken to the extreme here with bright red, orange and silver metal flakes, with the color gradient providing a special depth effect. The silver lines effectively accentuate the shapes of our deeply curved fenders. The Digger wheels in classic 20 spoke style, the black seat and the many black and black powder coated parts support this look.

  • Thunderbike Digger wheel
  • Thunderbike Air Ride Suspension Kit
  • Thunderbike Triple Tree El Dorado 23''
  • Thunderbike Swingarm Modification El Toxico
  • Thunderbike Pulley Spoke polished
  • Thunderbike Pulley Brake Kit
  • Thunderbike Brake Disc Spoke Floated 292mm
  • Thunderbike Brake Disc Spoke Floated 300mm
  • Thunderbike Rear Fender El Dorado
  • Thunderbike Front fender El Dorado 23''
  • Thunderbike Seat Plate
  • Thunderbike Side Mount Licence Plate Bracket medium
  • Thunderbike License Plate Frame Inside Plate
  • Thunderbike License Plate Lighting
  • Thunderbike Riser Kit Old Style with wireholes
  • Thunderbike Handlebar El Dorado 1.25''
  • Thunderbike Turn Signals Stripe LED with Housing
  • Harley-Davidson Defiance Rider Footboard Kit black cut
  • Thunderbike Headlamp Cover GFK
  • Thunderbike Tank Mount black
  • Harley-Davidson Cover Battery Right, Gloss Black
  • Thunderbike Airbox Cover Oval Grand Classic
  • Thunderbike Timer Cover New Custom
  • Rizoma Club Series LED Turn Signal Set
  • Thunderbike Rear Axle Cover Set
  • Thunderbike Front Axle Cover-Set
  • Thunderbike Brake caliper cover
  • Thunderbike Axle Cover Swingarm left
  • Thunderbike Axle Cover Swingarm right
  • Thunderbike Ignition Coil Relocation Kit black
  • Thunderbike Hydraulic clutch Conversion Kit black

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