Viking Punch

customized Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 117

FXDR front on Breakout body

-It’s a powerful punch that our Viking Punch lands-

The FXDR was something of a musclebike fighter in Harley’s model range. Strangely, it didn’t have a fighting name, it was born with just the combination of its four letters. And because it had the 114cc engine, the largest engine at the time with a displacement of 1868 cubic centimetres, it was enough to name these four letters to gain the respect of all Harley bikers. However, it was only built for a short time until 2021.

No wonder, because in the meantime the 117cc engine with 1923 cubic centimetres and 103 horses has taken the lead in the Milwaukee Eight series, only surpassed by the new 121cc CVOs, but they are currently in a completely different league.


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The Breakout, on the other hand, has had a full 117 cubic inches of displacement since model year 2023. But while the FXDR was already equipped with an upside-down fork, the long-running Breakout still has a classic telescopic fork.

As a muscle bike fighter, the FXDR could already be defined as a “hybrid”. And because mixed blood makes things interesting, we topped off our composition with an FXDR headlamp cap. The layout of the “Viking Punch” is indeed somewhat unusual. At the customer’s request, we have combined the elongated frame of the Breakout with the sporty upside-down fork of the FXDR. This does not immediately turn the Breakout into a cornering predator, but it is more agile to control. The upside-down fork reduces the unsprung masses, which means that it reacts more sensitively to steering movements.

And in this combination, the bike will also respond more quickly to deceleration requests. With the FXDR fork, it also has two disc brakes at the front. Of course, that’s not all. Of course, our customer also wanted big wheels in his dream bike. We turned the original breakout dimensions of 21 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear into an impressive 23 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear.We are particularly pleased that we were once again able to unpack our Vegas Drilled, a super cool 5-spoke wheel design that is a real eye-catcher thanks to the 4 bicolor cut holes per spoke. Incidentally, we have continued the design in the lids and covers on the engine and clutch so that the appearance remains consistent.

The Vegas wheel is “drilled”, and the view of it is unobstructed thanks to the single-sided swingarm

We have combined the body of the Breakout with the sporty upside-down fork of the FXDR

The footrests also come from the “Drilled” collection

We crown the composition with a headlamp cap from the FXDR

Parts & Details

  • Thunderbike Custom Alu Tank (15 ltr., stretched)
  • Thunderbike Triple Tree GT 23''
  • Thunderbike Front fender GT 23'' GRP
  • Thunderbike Rear Fender Steel 260 mm
  • Thunderbike Single-Side Swingarm Kit 21'' Alu
  • Thunderbike License Plate Frame Inside Plate
  • Thunderbike License Plate Lighting
  • Thunderbike Air Ride Suspension Kit
  • Thunderbike Chin Fairing GP Short
  • Thunderbike Brake Caliper Adapter Set 300->340mm black
  • Thunderbike Seat Plate
  • Thunderbike Seat Foam for TB Seat Plate
  • Metzeler Cruisetec Rear Tire 260/35VR21 83V
  • Thunderbike Pulley Vegas
  • Thunderbike Extra Charge Pulley Powdercoating black
  • Thunderbike Rider Footpegs Drilled Design
  • Thunderbike Grips Base Satin black cut
  • Thunderbike Shiftpeg & Brakepeg Satin
  • Thunderbike Toppers Base
  • Motogadget mo.view Sport 150 Mirror black
  • Motogadget mo.Blaze Pin Turn Signal Set
  • Thunderbike Timer Cover Drilled
  • Thunderbike Airbox Kit Oval
  • Thunderbike Turn Signal Load Equalizer
  • Thunderbike Ignition Coil Relocation Kit black
  • Thunderbike EFI Cover with Manometer Bracket black wrinkle
  • Harley-Davidson Cover Battery Right, Gloss Black
  • Harley-Davidson Finned Head Bolt Bidge black
  • Thunderbike Derby Cover Drilled contrast cut
  • Thunderbike Forward Control Kit black
  • Thunderbike Airbox Cover Oval Drilled
  • Thunderbike Axle Cover Swingarm left
  • Thunderbike Front Axle Cover-Set black matte
  • Avon Tyres Avon Cobra Chrome , Front/Rear, 130/60VR23 (65V)
  • Thunderbike Hydraulic clutch Conversion Kit black
  • Thunderbike Turn Signal Bracket front M8 black
  • Thunderbike Vegas Drilled Wheel
  • Thunderbike Brake Disc Vegas Floated 340mm

From a single mould: the steel fender is welded on

This is something to be proud of: The FXDR front end is agile and equipped with a double disc

The smooth 15L aluminium stretch tank in subtle Kruse paint makes the bike look even flatter.

The welded-on steel fender and the front spoiler also fit together in one piece in the literal sense. The smooth 15L aluminum stretch tank in subtle Kruse paint makes the bike look even flatter. We don’t really need to say anything more about the single-sided swingarm kit with perimeter brake. It simply belongs to a bike that rolls along on a big foot. Technically, it remains fascinating, and the show effect is guaranteed.

We could call what we have put together for this bike a “composition”. It offers appealing equipment, which is interesting for connoisseurs, that know about their bikes. But the driving spirit of the FXDR and the powerful 117cc engine of the new Breakout demand a more powerful name. That’s why we think it’s a powerful punch that we’re sending out the name “Viking Punch” into the world from the north of the Lower Rhine.


Author / Editor

Michael Ahlsdorf

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