Grand Nicholas 2003

Jokerfest 2005

Jokerfest 2004

Ultimate Summer Party

And if you think "it does not work any more" ...

…than the boys and girls of Thunderbike therefore come and invite to their annual “Jokerfest”, organize a sparkling clean party and celebrate with their guests in the truest sense of the word the air burns (which, however, also some to the limit required bikes not were completely innocent).

After the smoke clouds of burnt rubber had cleared, Major Healey asked to dance, and who was not there was himself to blame. Everything was loud and strong, but the audience was also the quieter numbers surprisingly devoted. Was also a good opportunity to get some air and beer.

The crew at the counter stopped over and over again the beverage sales temporarily to play a good round air guitar. The boss was occasionally seen dancing on the counter, Opa Hoppenstedt put down a vocal performance that was one to the microphones fear and anxiety and everyone present had somehow just plain fun.

Again, we have to say: we should repeat on occasion because in the general turmoil certainly some questions have remained open, which still has to be discussed. Take care, guys! We’ll meet again!

Thunderbike Events

Jokerfest 2003

with Major Healey

Jokerfest 2004

with Major Healey

Jokerfest 2005

with Major Healey

Jokerfest 2006

with Major Healey

Jokerfest 2009

with Major Healey

Jokerfest 2010 – 25th Anniversary Party

with The Boss Hoss

Jokerfest 2011

with Stade

Jokerfest 2013

with Suzi Quatro

Jokerfest 2014

with Uriah Heap

Jokerfest 2015 – 30th Anniversary Party

with Manfred Mann's Earthband

Jokerfest 2016

with The Hooters

Jokerfest 2017

with Guano Apes

Jokerfest 2018

with Dort


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