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5th Bike Week Willingen

Jokerfest 2022

Hands up - Party on!

Hands up – Party on!


That was the 20th Jokerfest! After 2 years we could finally celebrate a mega fat party with you again and proudly show you all new rooms. As if nothing had happened, thousands of motorcyclists poured onto our grounds and through our halls (as they did last time in 2019), enjoying a burger and letting a cool blonde run down their throats. Wonderful!

It was great! Thank you all for being there!

Here we show you the first results of our photographers Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau, Anna Gala, Michael Raadts, Wolle “Rollin’ Pictures” Jansen, RC-Map24 and our inhouse photographers Michael “Glatzzo” Rauscher and Marcus Seegers.

You might find a photo of you and your friends at the impressions – or at the galleries of Völkerball and the F.U.C.K Band. All photos on this page you are welcome to download and share on FB, Insta etc.. This also applies to all photos with the Metzeler models, such as here at the bike shoot. At this point many thanks for the cooperation to Metzeler!

More pictures and some videos will follow in the next days. So it’s worth to have a look again!


How, what, why? Interview and first video about Jokerfest 2022

In an interview with Jessica Behlau, Andreas Bergerforth talks about the expansion and conversion of Thunderbike, the chopper for the company’s 35th anniversary, what to expect at this year’s Jokerfest and in the future, and what he thinks about Thunderbike in the near future:

“During the rebuilding phase, we took a bit of a step back, it wasn’t as noticeable because of Corona. But now we’re getting back into our normal rhythm and developing parts again and building awesome mopeds.”

Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau captured the first impressions of this year’s Jokerfest for this video. Treat yourself to the 10 minutes, listen to Jessica and Andreas and be curious what you will get on your ears and eyes.


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Ride-In Bike Show

Pictures by Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau, Michael “Glatzzo” Rauscher and Anna Gala

And the Winner is…

… a fancy 1950 FL called “Gangster Squad” with very nice details by Carsten Kruse from Rheine. In the next Dream Machines you will learn all about the bike and its builder.

Like the bikes we sell, we want the bikes in our bike show to be rideable. So one participant after the other rode up on stage and told something about themselves and their bike, how it came to be and what is special about it.

As always, the participants decided the winner among themselves. Everyone got his 6 voting tags, which he should hang his favorite on the handlebars.

With 25 votes, the winner was 10 votes ahead of the runner-up. A clear decision. Congratulations, Carsten!



The title “Best of Show” was awarded to Lars Christiansen for his poison green Honda Shadow Bastard in rigid frame look. He deserved the special award for the skillful combination of Honda engine, Kawa fork, Harley wheels, Yamaha and Suzi brakes, custom exhaust and the Grave Digger Monstertruck Tribute paint job.

The ladies with the Chicano are Dani (owner of the 2016 Deluxe) and a few members of the “Harley Girls NRW”. The troop currently has around 100 girls who meet for regulars’ tables and rides and go to the relevant events such as Bike Week Willingen. For interested women we can gladly establish a contact.

Thunderbike Customs

The bike show stage was also used for the presentation of our own new customs. Our Panhead Chopper for the 35th company anniversary and Kim’s Emperor based on Sportster were among the particularly elaborate conversions that we have not yet been able to present at a Jokerfest.

The green AME Honda with 750 K engine, coffin tank and quite a few custom parts was built by our colleague Jörg Piezker. It has just been finished, freshly tüvt and already with Jörg on the roads in the Lower Rhine on the way.

Finally Kim drove the red Sportster S onto the stage. It is the first machine to wear our brand new parts that we developed for this model. The parts are now in production and will be available soon.

Bike Shooting with the Metzeler Models

We were able to photograph some of the participants of the Ride-In Bike Show in our own photo studio. Of course, the Metzeler models could not be missing here!

Pictures by Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau

Live concert with Völkerball (Rammstein Tribute Band)

Fat delivered!

Obviously, some fans of the Rammstein tribute band Völkerball had arrived. Right at the first song, the crowd went wild and everyone else could sing along with the catchy melodies at the latest in verse 2. The pyro show was on point and made the experience complete. And not only visually, the 12 meter high fire columns left a warm shiver over the crowd. When then to the song “Shark” the inflatable boat was carried through the crowd, even the last one on the square had goose bumps.

As the colleague Schepers wrote so aptly in the local newspaper “Der Weseler”: “2 hours, something between genius and madness, fascination and disgust, pleasure and pain. A MEGA SHOW!!!”



Pics by Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau

Pics by Michael Raadts Photography

Pics by Michael "Glatzzo" Rauscher

What a warming-up: F.U.C.K Band


Warming-up in a new dimension! After a few gigs on the small stage at the Roadhouse, it was time to bring this mega band called F.U.C.K to the big stage. And what a great job the thoroughbred musicians from Franconia did! The crowd was boiling and singing their hearts out – that’s how it should be! With “Gute Freunde” by the Onkelz everyone was in each other’s arms and with “Fear in the Dark” by Iron Maiden everyone went together into the dark night, where Völkerball should provide scary shivers afterwards.


Pictures by Michael Raadts Photography and Michael “Glatzzo” Rauscher


Impressions of the day

Pictures by Anna Gala, Wolle “Rollin’ Pictures” Jansen, Marcus Seegers


Thanks for the good Job!


Many thanks to the Hamminkeln fire department and the paramedics for their cooperation! The fire columns of the band were really impressive – but you stayed cool!

Thanks also to the guys and girls from our security company – you did a super job as always! At the entrance, despite the queue to the parking lot, it went quickly and at the neuralgic points there was a sovereign appearance.

Last but not least a special thank you to the staff. Without your commitment, such an event could not be managed. From the construction to the dismantling, from the parking lot to the workshops and the sales to the service in the Roadhouse – all of you, all of us together make the Jokerfest!

The picture gallery is not yet complete.   MORE  PICS  WILL  FOLLOW !!!

Former Jokerfest Events


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