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Also in 2016 there at the annual Thunderbike Jokerfest the visitors got something on the eyes and on the ears. As usual, the day started with the ride-in bike show with 27 participants and bikes from various manufacturers. The evening was celebrated vigorously with the Hooters. Here you will find the complete day in pictures!


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The Weseler/Lokalkompass Magazine

When I saw the guys in the late 80’s in the telly, they were almost back on the decline in the USA. I think it was a show with Jürgen von der Lippe. At that time the Hooters conjured up with ukulele, melodica and piccolo, completely without electrical amplification. And since I always liked Unplugged, I was blown away. Hamminkeln. The foundation of a wonderful relationship with the five rockers from Philadelphia. And now the Bergerforth came and booked the band for the Jokerfest. High quality music right on your doorstep. Very cool thing!

Almost everyone knows “All You Zombies” and “Johnny B.”, but the Hooters still have a few more hits in store: Satellite, Karla with a K, Graveyard Waltz, We do the Children Go, And we danced, Brother do not you walk away, Day by Day and a cover of 500 Miles, where Peter, Paul and Mary had gone pale. This fusion of US rock, reggae and Irish folk goes into the blood. And she probably also pleased the old Peter at the sky lock: that made the good almost exactly for the duration of the concert tight.

What else was going on? Exactly: the obligatory Major Healey Band, some 3,000 happy people and a big charity donation for the DRK Children’s Hospital in Siegen! Great evening. Peter, you are the best!

Text: Dirk Bohlen

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