Kustom Kulture 2011

European Bike Week 2011

Jokerfest 2011

Ultimate Summer Party

This Part is over! Summer Festival 2011

When a party is announced at Thunderbike, there is plenty of everything. Above all, this usually means a good weather guarantee that day, that’s what you’re so used to. But even as far as the weather is concerned, there really was something of everything at this year’s Jokerfest. However, the intermittent chill never caused a sinking sentiment barometer, or a mass flight. But on the contrary!

Already at lunchtime our bike show was filled with the finest iron. In addition to the public bike show for everyone and the pro show for customizers, we had first initiated a classic car show and hoped for a lively participation in bikes that were rolled off the line before 1984. By 15.00, all oldies had found their way to Hamminkeln and our bike show threatened to burst at the seams with around 60 vehicles.

We were equally surprised about the participation of the pro-show guys. In the second edition of this discipline, significantly more customizers have made their way to us and rolled remarkable conversions into the show.

At this point we would like to say thank you to all the visitors who made this Jokerfest something very special. For us the success is the incentive for the next party, because after the festival is also for us before the festival and we are already looking forward to the next round with you, in 2012.

Live, loud and crazy! Major Healey rocks!

At our 25th Anniversary Party, we broke with tradition and did not hire Major Healey. Of course we had with The Boss Hoss a guarantor for a successful party of superlatives. Nevertheless, voices were missing the World craziest cover band. Of course we took this to heart and of course Major Healey did not ask twice and were back in the boat this year.

And the band once again took the audience by storm with their shrill outfits. With handmade music from the Golden Seventies they managed to make the crowds romp with only a few riffs. Songs like Do not Bring Me Down, Ballroom Blitz, Black Betty and many other anthems have turned the concert venue into a boiling cauldron in record time.

Cum on Let's Party! Slade rocks Hamminkeln!

The guys from Slade could seamlessly follow the lead pattern of Major Healey and made it with a few chords that the mood remained at the boiling point. Anyway, the glam rockers stylistically fit perfectly with the opening band. At the latest with the song, Far Far Away, they had sounded a catchy tune, in which even the last guest in the audience could sing along with.

With hits like these or even Run Run Away, My Oh My or Coz I Love You, they have created evergreens in the past, which were not to be missed in Hamminkeln. With Born To Be Wild, the Biker anthem par excellence, they said goodbye again, leaving the stage once again to the boys of Major Healey.

Come on and play! Slade

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