Jokerfest 2003

Jokerfest 2002

Ultimate Summer Party

... almost 3000 people followed his call!

When Thunderbikes called Andreas Bergerforth for the annual party, it was more crowded than ever – after all, he had added additional (incentive) stimuli to the program in addition to the usual party components. Two very special delicacies awaited the visitors of the “Joker Fest”.

There was a bandit “Joker” to win, in the equivalent of at least 20,000 euros. More than 750 lots were in the end, the chances of winning were not that bad at 1: 750. The charming Pascale finally moved to a furious strip as tight-lipped lucky fairy finally the lot of Dieter from Dortmund. Frenetic applause, he learned live from the stage by phone from his win, because he had already left and during the draw long ago at home. A good reason to jet once again to Hamminkeln, true.

The highlight for all friends of high quality Japan customizing came in the early afternoon. Two lightly-tipped Thunderbike packers opened a mysterious transport box, bringing the latest frame of Thunderbike to the public in front of a large audience. “Freestyle” is his name and he will cause a sensation. Designed for the XV 1600 Wild-Star engine, it truly has American cruiser dimensions. At the same height as the original frame, however, it has 38 ° rake in the steering head and 4 “stretch over the series. The seat height is very deep, the swingarm is stylistically adjusted and offers plenty of space for 250-mm Schluffen and 10-inch wheels. A Legend-Air air-assisted suspension provides variable suspension travel. The premiere fork will soon be replaced by a new freestyle fork.

Premiere of the complete construction will be the “Intermot” in September in Munich, all parts are expected from the turn of the year 02/03 expected. Dozens of guests took their seats after the premiere on the bare chassis and fired a lot of souvenir photos.

Complete bikes of all builders could admire the visitors in the bike show. In three rounds, the starting field was thinned out of a total of fifty applications. The last ten were judged by a final jury. The biggest pot was Stefan from Duisburg and his V-Max. On his bike was very much self-built. So clean and perfect in finish and color dress that the jury surely made the right choice. A consolation for Thunderbike: With the VL 1500 “Sniper” a Hamminkelner “child” took the third, after a nice but unobtrusive bandit.

The visitors were offered something. At the Air Brush stand by Gerd de Kock from Bottrop, one could first admire a tank design in its creation. However, the interest in bodypaintings on the models in our studio corner seemed even stronger. Gerd fits the nerds for a bike. After that there was an extensive photo set live for the audience. Handsomely!

The children of the visitors got their faces painted, romped in the bouncy castle or even painted motorcycles. So Mom and Paps could do a test drive on a custom bike, let test the performance of their own bike or just watch the buzz of beer and food.

In the end there was the “Jokey + The Smoker” oldies and classical rock on the ears. In the final “inventory” there were interesting numbers to report. A good 3000 guests had tipped over 1000 liters of beer, just as many liters of alcohol-free, 1200 sausages, 600 chops and 400 doner kebab, 750 lots purchased, the performance of over 100 bikes tested and unrestrained all the places around the Thunderbike area with cars and Mopeds parked. A party of superlatives for a single dealer like Thunderbike, crowned by unexpectedly rain-free weather and very relaxed partygoers.

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