Kick-Off 2010

6h Vaals 2011

Jokerfest 2010 – 25th Anniversary Party

Ultimate Summer Party

25 years of Thunderbike!

This Part is over...

The last beats are long gone and behind us is a gigantic party weekend. We only delivered the template, but you made this event unique. Our thanks go to each and every one of you who made this marathon an unforgettable event and, of course, for having faithfully followed us all these years.

The fact that more than 7,000 visitors found their way to Hamminkeln in just one single weekend surprised us. In glorious sunshine and midsummer temperatures countless bikes and Customs were not only densely packed in the bike show. Bands like The Boomchickas, The Rabies Quiff and Smokestack Lightnin were more than just the warm-up band for the evening’s top band. The guys played sore fingers all day to keep things cool. No question that The Boss Hoss reached the unbeatable boiling point of the event on Saturday night. The cult band once again succeeded in taking the audience along and making the masses boil. The day after, however, no hangover mood was announced. On Sunday, countless visitors flocked to the grounds to sweeten the day of the Lord with live music and sunshine.

No question that on the occasion of this jubilee, we worked it out in advance. Just in time for the anniversary celebration we were able to present you two new creations made by Thunderbike. From our official Roadhouse Bike and the 25th Anniversary Bike you will get to see more later.

We keep our fingers crossed and look forward to the next quarter century with you!

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