Rumblers BBQ 2012

Indian Treffen 2012

Jokerfest 2012

Ultimate Summer Party

Once again a unique experience!

First and foremost, we would like to thank you, the bikers and bikers you’ve traveled with and the fans of Major Healey and Leningrad Cowboys – a big compliment and thank you. Despite torrential rains, this year’s Jokerfest was again a unique event. Throughout the day you have found your way to Hamminkeln. The die-hard ones among you, to our delight, even on their bikes. Some also to participate in the Ride-In Bike Show, which was peppered with high-profile bikes despite such weather conditions.

Not less praise goes to the Major Healeys, who can actually influence the weather. At 7:30 pm they were supposed to enter the stage to perform their Glam & Glitter Rock show for 2 hours. Point 19:26 clock stopped the rain, the cloud cover cracked and the band played in the best glam rock weather. At exactly 9:30 pm the sky opened its locks again as if there was no tomorrow.

As the 13 slanted Finns then entered the stage raft not only pouring the beer – but also the rain. But even the rain-like falling rain masses could not cloud the spirits of the enthusiastic audience. The Leningrad Cowboys, with their shrill pointed hairstyles and shoes, ripped off a rock ‘n’ polka show that created an enthusiastic mass of dancing umbrellas. Thank you for an unforgettable concert evening.

Last but not least, a thank you to all the girls and guys from Thunderbike and all of them who have helped to make the 12th Jokerfest again without big incidents …

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