Harley-Davidson Anniversary Budapest 2023

Eifel Ride Out 2023

Knuckle, Shovel & Iron Head run like a dream

The old ones ran like the new ones - simply cool!

When we take our old things out for a long ride, we naturally do a proper check-up beforehand. And it’s worth it.

On our way to the Eifel, we didn’t have to make a single stop. Except, of course, for the one with the empty tank, which cries out for a refill after 100 km.
But if we’re honest, the ass is starting to burn too, at least when it’s not a sofa. And a drink of water can’t hurt at 30 degrees and in the sunshine.

So we arrived at our Windrose Ranch with a slight sunburn on our noses, 3 fuel stops and 6 hours of driving. It couldn’t have gone better.


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Andreas has taken his Knuckel with him! She is one of the last of her kind and was built in 1947.

Also from the old iron Udo, he has been in the screwdriver team for over 18 years and has had his shovel even longer.

Reiner, the longest serving member of Thunderbike, chose the Classic Cowboy for the ride. The favourite shovel for longer tours.

Glatten has been a member of the Schrauber team since 2002 and wouldn’t trade his Shovel “Go Jonny Go” for any money in the world.

Chris, also known as Evoluzzer, has been with us for half an eternity. This year he also fulfilled his Shovel dream and built himself a really cool Easy Rider Chopper. Have fun with your new one!

Roman also dreamed of riding his Shovel through the Eifel, but unfortunately he didn’t get her ready for this ride yet. He was allowed to borrow Pauky, Everybodys Darling, as a foster horse for this!

Kim has also grown older in the meantime and therefore also wanted to whizz around the streets on a Preevo. The Iron was perfect for that and it certainly wasn’t the last tour with the old Sporty, she says!

Timo, our fashion icon from the boutique, had FXBB with him. Now, of course, he is also hooked and wants a second box. Something that’s dirty and rises from time to time. Just like in the Wild West. Hee-Haw!

Marco has been with us in the welding shop for exactly one year and is now interested in a Street Glide. The ride was the perfect test drive! He was also nice enough to take Glatzzo, our photographer, with him.

Simon is part of the Young Generation Riders Group, he borrowed a Low Rider S, of course. He doesn’t yet know whether he will one day choose a Low Rider S or a Los Rider ST. In any case, he thinks both are hot.

Ralf is a long-time friend and helper, no doubt also a true Thunderbiker!
He drove the emergency bus with a replacement vehicle. Because one thing is for sure. Trust is good control is better – Thanks Ralli!

In conclusion, it was a great ride and a great group. Enjoy the pictures!


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