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All information about the evening event follow shortly


Our ultimate Summer Party kicks off at 10:00am with the opening of the showroom. There you will find the latest custom bikes, fashion, accessories and of course our team. If you are interested in the production of our parts you can comfortably stroll with your colleagues from 10:00 to 17:00 through our production halls and workshops. Here, too, the faces of Thunderbike are waiting for you, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Outside, everything revolves around the topic of custom bikes. From small 1 cylinders to the classic V-twin, we present you live the most beautiful bikes from the ride-in bike show. By the way, you can register online for the Bikeshow via our contact form.

From 18.00 o’clock starts our evening program with Barok & H-Blockx. You can exchange your tickets for wristbands at the entrance. If you would like to visit the day program and exchange your tickets for wristbands beforehand, you can do so at the token booth.

If you are still looking for a place to stay or want to plan your journey, you can find contact and directions here.

You can find more details about the event in our FAQs, the frequently asked questions. All impressions of the last years can be seen in our Jokerfest gallery.

The Day Event

The day program from 10.00 to 17.00

Included are

All impressions from the last years you can see in our Jokerfest galleries

The big test drive campaign HARLEY ON TOUR

Let’s ride Harley!

Yes, of course we got the Tour Truck at our Jokerfest with all the unique Harley-Davidson models, which are waiting to be tested for free!

What’s your favourite? Fat Boy, Breakout, Street Bob or Pan America and Sportster S?

If you are interested, we have 48 hp models for beginners also among the models.

Helmet, jacket and gloves are available on request.

All we need is your river’s license and your identity card.


Our Ride-In-Bike Show starts for you and your custom bikes at 10am. Until 13.00 o’clock you have the possibility to push your bikes on stage an take pictures. The evaluation of the bikes takes place from 13.00 o’clock to 14.00 o’clock. As a registered Bile Builder you can hang 5 stars on the bikes you think have earned a trophy (except of course for your own bike). The evaluation of the Bike Show will take place from 14.00 to 15.00, the awarding of the bikes will take place from 15.00 on stage.

The Bike Show trophies are the first ones to be created for you in our own production and are truly unique. Sign up now, because the winners can get fat prizes!

You have an individual custom modification and want to present it at this year’s Jokerfest? Simply apply via our contact form!

    Every motorized two-wheeler is welcome, not only Harley-Davidson. So, you have an heavily customized bike - no matter what brand - and you want to show it to the world? Then you've come to the right place.

    In addition to fame & glory, you can win a variety of cool prizes that we have collected for you together with our sponsors. In addition, there are the much sought-after trophies for the top places & professional photo shoots of all participant bikes. To put the bikes in the right light, the scene photographers Dirk "Pixeleye" Behlau and Michael "Glatzzo" Rauscher will be on site.

    The editor-in-chief of the cult magazine CUSTOMBIKE, Katharina Weber, will again be the host of the Thunderbike Ride-In Bike Show. Maybe you can even admire your bike in an issue of CUSTOMBIKE 2023?

    Simply register for the Ride-In Bike Show 2023 using this form! Send us a recent photo of your bike together with the completed registration form and bring the printout of our acceptance (email) with you to the entrance.

    Important! Participation in the Bike Show is only possible if you have received a confirmation from us and your vehicle is parked and registered in our Bike Show area by 13:00 on the day of the event.

    Vehicle Data

    If the registration cannot be sent with your browser, please send us your contact details including a current photo of your bike by e-mail to presse@thunderbike.com. Thanks a lot!

    Upload Vehicle Pictures (ZIP or JPG)

    *Required Field


    The wait is over: The H-Blockx are also coming back in 2023!

    In a terrific festival season this year with brilliant, highly energetic live shows, the band finally celebrated their 30th stage anniversary in a fitting manner.

    The musicians from Münster feel most comfortable on stage and that’s where they belong!

    The fact that the audience celebrates the H-Blockx themselves, their numerous hits and the thrilling action on stage to such an extent could hardly have been dreamed of by the H-Blockx themselves. The beginning has been made and now there is no turning back.

    In 2023, the H-Blockx will attack again and continue the festivities around the round birthday. Since their debut album “Time to Move”, which was released in the mid-90s, the rock band around singer Henning Wehland has celebrated great successes with mega hits like “Risin’ High”, “Little Girl”, “Move”, “Ring Of Fire” and “How Do You Feel” and can call awards like the MTV Europe Music Award, Viva Comet and various gold records their own.

    The H-Blockx are one of Germany’s most successful rock bands and live acts, and were considered an insider tip in the German rock landscape early on after their formation. This is also proven by the chart position of their debut album “Time to Move”, which not only won the award for German Album of the Year with 62 chart weeks, but also reached gold status with over 750,000 copies sold.


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    Among the other milestones is also the 1999 released soundtrack to the German-language cult action comedy “Bang Boom Bang – ein todsicheres Ding”, which even gave the five Westphalians a brief appearance on the big screen and not to forget various US tours with well-known artists such as Eminem, Ice-T, Blink-182 or Biohazard.

    The last album “HBLX” was released in 2012 and after the longest live abstinence in the band’s history from 2015-2019, the Münster-based band returned to the stage in the summer of 2022 to celebrate 30 years on stage. After a long break, fans get the chance to experience the founding members Henning Wehland, Stephan “Gudze” Hinz, Tim “Tinte” Tenambergen as well as Steffen Wilmking, who has been a constant part of the band since 2003, live and to feel the power that made the H-Blockx become a primeval rock of the German music landscape…and maybe they also have one or two new songs in their luggage!


    BAROCK - The AC/DC Tribute Show


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    Barock stand for pure rock and roll! 

    Three years ago we have already booked the famous ACDC cover band but there was us and you a line through the bill. Last year they unfortunately didn’t have time. That’s why we are even more happy to welcome the mega tribute band this year at the Jokerfest.

    It’s for sure that ACDC is the most covered band in the world, but it’s said that no one is as accurate as Barock.

    Tickets are available from 01.02.2023

    Savety First


    In addition to the usual safety rules, we also have a bag checkpoint:


    Please refrain from bringing bags and backpacks. If you absolutely have to bring a bag, please plan for longer waiting times.

    Every bag will be checked! 

    Only small bags and backpacks up to 21cm x 30cm (DIN A4) are allowed on the area.

    There is the possibility to store bags and backpacks free of charge in a guarded van at the entrance.


    Thank you for your understanding!

    Find all information about how to find us, contact dates, opening times and a hotel finder on our contact site.

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I pay for food and drink at Jokerfest?

    Jokerfest has its own money, the Thunderbike Dollar. This can be purchased and exchanged at easily recognizable points of sale. The Thunderbike Dollars are only issued at the Jokerfest, but can be used all year at the Thunderbike Roadhouse.

    Does the daily program cost entry?

    No, entry between 10 am and 5 pm is free. A ticket is only required for the evening concert.

    Can I reserve/reserve tickets for the evening event?

    No, unfortunately for organisational reasons it is impossible for us to check tickets at the entrance in good time. In order to avoid longer waiting times, we cannot offer reservations.

    Where can I get the concert ribbons?

    The ribbons can be exchanged for tickets throughout the day. The wristbands will be exchanged at the regular entrance from about 6 pm on. This also applies to the VIP wristbands, which allow access to the Roadhouse roof terrace.

    Are there any discounts for fan club members of the bands?


    I am not yet of age, but I can still come to the Jokerfest?

    Children up to the age of 16 are only allowed to attend the concert accompanied by a guardian. For young people aged 16 and over, admission to the concert after midnight will be granted without the accompaniment of a person with custody. We naturally comply with the provisions of the Youth Protection Act. This means that if you have a youthful appearance, your identity card will be checked at the alcohol counter if necessary.

     What do disabled visitors have to pay attention to?

    Visitors with disabilities who have an official ID with a B receive a free ticket for their accompanying person, while their own ticket has to be paid for regularly. Only one accompanying person is allowed. We also have on-site parking spaces for people with disabilities close to the site.

     Are there any special safety requirements?

    Of course, the carrying of weapons of any kind is strictly prohibited. Any danger to other visitors, in particular by crowd surfing or burning fireworks / Bengalos, is strictly prohibited and will lead to the exclusion of the event. With the exclusion the ticket loses its validity. Any claim for re-entry or reimbursement of the purchase price is excluded.

    Where can I park my bike?

    For the parking areas at the yard and the large parking at the Güterstraße we provide parking folders for you, which will show you how to park your bike.

    Where can I park my car?

    During the day, our yard and our large parking is reserved for bikes. In the late afternoon the large parking is also opened for cars. There are plenty of parking spaces available along the entire freight road, the Industriestraße (behind the railway line) or the sports field in Hamminkeln.

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