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Rumble & Thunder

Jokerfest 2019

The ultimate Summer Party

Rockin' all over the world!

Our annual Jokerfest went into the 19th round on the weekend! This ultimate summer party presents the Thunderbike team with numerous new challenges every year. Also this year we were overwhelmed how many visitors from all over the world celebrated our Jokerfest with us! As usual we opened all our gates for you from 10.00 o’clock to present you the newest impressions of our forge. In the showroom you could admire our custombikes, the live production and the latest fashion in the boutique as well as the live painting of Gerd de Kock, or you could grab unique jewellery at the stand of Rad Rocks. Also our Ride-In Bikeshow was started at 10.00 a.m. for shootings and registrations. Hungry or thirsty, of course, nobody comes from our farm: The Roadhouse grill was, like every Open House, this time with a brand new, homemade bar dress for you at the start.

In this gallery you’ll find many impressions of our photographers and videographers Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau, Michael Raadts, Miguel “MigPin” Pinto and RCMap 24.

Thank you for your participation and the great atmosphere that makes our Jokerfest what it is! We’ll see you next year for the 20th Jokerfest jubilee!

A little note about the situation of the bag delivery/control: We’re sorry that there were difficulties with the bag control at the entrance of the concert. We will discuss this situation with our team and find another solution for next year. Thank you for your understanding!


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Open House & Ride-In Bikeshow

The Show is done! Almost 25 participants took the road to take part in the Thunderbike Ride-In Bikeshow powered by Custombike and Metzeler. From 10 to 13.00 o’clock still further participants could register for the show here on site. The winner is Swen Weber again this year! With his Simson Awo conversion, the passionate hobby craftsman has once again made all eyes shine. The first prize went to a set of Metzeler tyres, a custom bike subscription, a custom bike shooting and numerous gimmicks from the magazine and the smithy. Also the other 11 places did not go empty-handed: Each winner received – besides the cup made in the forge – a Harley-Davidson backpack, packed with Thunderbike and Custombike Merchandise. The title of Best Of Show Winner went to Wolfang with his Bagger conversion. As usual we opened the forge gates for you from 10.00 a.m. to present you the latest impressions.

Besides our custombikes, the live production and the latest fashion in the boutique there was also the live painting by Gerd de Kock and very individual jewellery by Heike Drübert from Rad Rocks in the showroom.

Another optical highlight were the girls of Miri’s Poledance from Hamminkeln. Between the single bikes 3 dancers of the crowd heated up. Also the two pretty Metzeler ladies had all kinds of Metzeler merchandise for you in their luggage and distributed lighters, elephants, key rings and much more over the Open House time.

The Winners

Brand new Custombikes from the forge

Anyone who has already followed our bike show knows that every year we also have new custom bikes in our luggage for our visitors’ eyes. In the last weeks we have made the custom workshop sweat a lot to present you six new custom bikes. This year it’s a Heritage Chicano conversion, a Breakout in Mitch style, a Street Bob as a Cross Bob homage, a Fat Boy, which certainly made your eyes shine and for the Oldschool Bike lovers a personal Panhead project from Andreas himself. The sixth bike is our Battle of the Kings Project Bike Roar, which will enter the international round of the Battles in September.


Impressions by Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau

Impressions by Michael Raadts

Impressions by Miguel "MigPin" Pinto

The Concert

Support by The Baseballs

THE BASEBALLS is an award-winning rock’n’roll trio consisting of the singers Sam, Digger and Basti. Since its founding, the trio has implemented a cover concept that quickly opened international pop charts and concert halls for the passionate Rockabilly musicians from Germany: THE BASEBALLS arrange contemporary chart hits into retrospective Rock’n’Roll cover versions. The productions of the three musicians effortlessly transfer various styles into the Rockabilly genre. But the singers don’t just combine hiphop, R’n’B or radio pop with the authentic vintage sound of the 50s, but also a multi-layered fan base. Rock’n’Roll and pop fans of several generations visit their concerts all over Europe. Thus THE BASEBALLS internationally stand for a rare bridge between obviously different pop cultures.

Right on time at 19.00 o’clock the guys from The Baseballs were on stage to heat up the obviously good-humoured audience. With songs like Keep Bleeding, Bad, Candy Shop and I Believe I Can Fly no foot stayed steady on the floor.

The guys from The Baseballs had to say in an interview with Jessica Behlau shortly before their grandiosen appearance, you see here (in German language).


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Impressions by Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau

Impressions by Michael Raadts

Main Act Status Quo

It’s time to get the dusty air guitar out of the cabinet now! Only three chords and an unmistakable chorus are needed to take the “young” generation with you. With “Rockin all over the world” Status Quo brought the probably best known version of this hit onto the market, which can at least be played without text certainty. Hits like “In the Army now”, “Caroline” and “Whatever you want” are only small excerpts of this success story.Even after more than 50 years in the music business, the men of the cult band never tire. Last year they sang their hymns in front of 75,000 metalheads in Wacken. On August 17th this year Status Quo released two live albums: Down Down & Dignified at the Royal Albert Hall and Down Down & Dirty at Wacken.

“That was one of the best concerts we had,” says Andreas himself to his main act at the 19th Jokerfest. If you still think that Status Quo are rusty, you haven’t experienced this concert! From 21.00 o’clock the men of the cult band, which opened the Live Aid concert as the first act at that time, rocked live in Hamminkeln! You can see all impressions of the concert in this gallery.

Impressions by Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau

Impressions by Michael Raadts

Impressions by Miguel "MigPin" Pinto

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